The Best Roommate Search Sites

Finding a roommate can be a serious challenge. Whether you’re moving house or moving across the country, it’s hard to find the right people in the right place at the right time and for the right price. Roommate search sites help make this process easy, but there are serious differences out there between the sites available. It’s best to take a look around at their features and options so that your options to search are thorough, detailed, and fast.


Craigslist is the world’s largest classified website and is a hard marketplace to beat finding a roommate. There are strong keyword search tools and the ability to search in specific geographies, however, Craigslist is notorious for those few bad actors.

Make sure that you perform due diligence and meet your potential roommate before signing any documents. There are many scams running on Craigslist so make sure you don’t hand over cash online and ensure you get to see the place before and know the deal is legit beforehand.


While Diggz is only available in major US cities, it uses advanced machine learning programs to help keep fraud and scams at bay on it’s platform. Roommates are found through listings provided by their recommendation system. It functions similar to dating apps where you like or follow those you’re interested in rooming with and when there is a match you’re each notified. The best part is Diggz is a free platform.


Padmapper has a variety of property listings including full rental properties as well as shared rooms. However, instead of focusing on the roommates themselves like Roomi or Diggz, Padmapper focuses on the room openings. If you are worried about price, don’t be as it’s a free platform.


Similar to Diggz, Roomi offers services said to make it the “ for the roommate world”. You can explore listings by city across the US and Canada. Some nice features of the site include being able to view deposit amounts in advance as well as several specific search features not available on other platforms such as finding roommates by gender and age as well as searching by house rules and amenities specific to how a roommate would assess where and who they want to live with.

Additionally, as part of its landlord posting function, you can scroll through potential landlords or roommates profiles to understand a bit about them and their interests. is available all across the US. It uses an advanced system for matching roommates showing only relevant results to what you’re looking for on the site. There are many features available in the search function such price range, move-in dates, and range from the location you’re looking for. You can also cruise through the listings of each potential roommate to get some basic details about their background to help you before you move forward with them.


Roomster allows you to search for rooms for rent, roommates, or if you’re a landlord – tenants. It’s a global platform that covers most cities and suburbs. What’s nice about the platform is that it’s similar to Diggz and Roomi, allowing you to see some details about your potential match of a roommate such as their social media accounts. The service isn’t exactly free however. It’s a subscription based service with a 3 day trial and then various pricing options after that. The free service allows you to setup a profile and receive messages from paid users, but to initiate messages, you’ll need the paid version.


RoomZoom is a NYC specific roommate search site. It helps you quickly find roommate in what can be a complicated and overwhelming market. The site ranks roommates based on lifestyle and personality traits that best match your search. You can get email updates of matches and message potential roommates to arrange initial meetups and ask clarifying questions about your deposit, move-in dates, and other details.


There are a significant amount of sites available to find roommates – both online and offline. However, the days of using the newspaper to find listings is long-gone. The sites above make the process much simpler for both those looking for a new place as well as those who are acting as landlords. If you’re just looking to get your own rental apartment, there are many other resources available specializing in that type of search.